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Top 4 Dragon Bracelets

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Today, we are about to show you the 4 best bracelets of Engaging The Dragon. These bracelets have different functions. They can be:

  • Positive energy vectors,
  • Purifiers,
  • It's incredibly beautiful,
  • Witnesses to mythical stories .

    Some may combine several of these features at once.

    Also know that in our shop, you can find a whole range of products at great value for money: rings, jewelry, necklaces ... in stainless steel, silver or alloy.

    Come on, no more chatting, place in the Top 4 of the Dragon Clan Bracelets. Oh, yeah, right. You'll have a big surprise at the end of this article!

    1. Dragon Scales Bracelet

    The scales are the Dragon's last ramparts. His stronghold. It's what makes it impenetrable, uncontrollable. Like magic tiles that protect a house from winds, storms and other devastating cyclones.

    It is often said that the best defence is attack, but in reality, without steel armour, a warrior cannot go very far.

    This Dragon Scale Bracelet pays homage to the famous Imperial Dragon Armor.

    Bracelet for man or woman.

    Bracelet Dragon Scales


    2. Dragon Germanium Purifying Bracelet

    Germanium is a chemical element. Its symbol is Ge.

    Germanium is extremely good for your health. Indeed, its benefits are as follows:

    • Cleansing and detoxifying the body,
    • Blood enrichment,
    • Oxygenation and regeneration of cells,
    • Improvement of enzyme function and immune system.
    Basically, this helps to regulate and protect the body.

      Knowing all this, you no longer have excuses for not having your own Purifying Dragon Germanium Bracelet.

      Bracelet for man or woman.

      Dragon Bracelet Germanium

      3. Celtic Braided Dragon Bracelet

      It is true that the Celts and the Dragons have fought intense battles in the past. But, deep down, they have a lot in common. Here are a few of them:

      • Devastating power,
      • Intelligence,
      • Extraordinary courage,
      • Bravery,
      • Eternal loyalty.

        This Celtic Braided Dragon Bracelet seals the pact of reconciliation and non-aggression between these two mythical factions.

        Leather bracelet, man or woman.

        Dragon Bracelet Braiding Celtic

        4. Viking Torque Dragon Bracelet

        We're not going to give you the same speech again, but basically, as with the Celts, the dragons have had many encounters with the Vikings, even though they obviously share a lot of common values.

        This Viking Torque Dragon Bracelet can only be absolutely brilliant, as it is the fusion between two legendary peoples.

        Bracelet for man or woman.

        Dragon Bracelet Torque Viking


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