Dragon Earrings

Discover our collection of dragon earrings of the most initial or most wonderful.

They have actually all been thoroughly picked to bring you the best fulfillment. 🐉


Whether you are searching for a distinct earring or a set of earrings worldwide of the dragon, we have what you require.

The special and initial earrings represent dragons that are frequently defiant or protective. They cover themselves around your ear cartilage as if they were sitting there prior to returning into fight or prepared to assault the one who would concern challenge you. A few of these earrings have a cuff for an additional touch of womanhood and simpler attachment.

These single earrings are likewise offered with the pierced lobe. In this case, the dragon's tail is housed in your lob for a lot more practical appearance.

Whether the dragon has its wings expanded, in profile or on its back, the entire body or simply the head and legs revealed, increasing to your ear or down, these earrings are readily available in various colors: shiny black, matt black, silver or gold.

The product utilized is a zinc alloy which is for that reason hypoallergenic.

Whatever the design you embrace, you will undoubtedly discover the gem that fits you: gothic, rebel, punk, rock, bohemian, stylish, ethnic ...

We likewise have sets of earrings representing the eye of the dragon, its scales or the entire body in white on black relief, in stainless-steel. These appropriate for both ladies and males, and there is no requirement to have the lob pierced since these gems are offered with a magnetic clasp.

You who are a fan of cosplay, antique or not, you who like to camouflage yourself, the earrings "radiance in the dark" can be an exceptional device to finish your outfit.

At birthday celebrations, Christmas celebrations or when you just wish to offer a present to somebody near you, dragon earrings are a perfect present concept that will please. 🐲