Dragon Rings

Dragon Rings

Nobody has ever seen dragons and yet their myths have actually sustained for centuries. Revered by some cultures and feared by others, we have actually frozen forever in time their amazing shapes in our ring styles. Engaging The Dragon uses you a large choice of Dragon Rings, in silver, stainless steel, and quality alloy. Terrific style accessory, our Dragon Rings excite interest, often available in numerous colors or shapes. There is something for everybody, created for women and males. πŸ’πŸ‰

Dragon Ring Man

The males' dragon ring is a whimsical treasure, ideal as a jewel for the male gender, it transcends your aura and elevates your style to the next level. Our choice includes dragon rings that are more sober, but simply as stylish, some of which illuminate in the evening. Our top-quality dragon redhorses can be worn for any celebration. Our jewelry is special, you won't find it in-store. Our dragon rings are perked up by these ancient legends that are still popular today. If you want to understand more about the Chinese dragon, do not think twice to visit our dragon blog.

Lady Dragon Ring

We understand that women like precious jewelry and our collection consist of the most beautiful series of ladies' dragon rings. Some are unisex for shared enjoyment, and some are specially created for females. The dragon ring delicately decorates your finger, a sign of courage and knowledge, they bring you a touch of timeless exoticism. Dragon rings especially developed for fans of the dream, middle ages, punk, and gothic genres. When and how to wear the dragon ring? It's simple, most rings are flexible, i.e. they appropriate for everyday wear.

Chinese Dragon Ring

The ancient Chinese considered the dragon to be the most powerful of all signs of energy and good luck. They saw it as a precursor of amazing luck, success, abundance, constant success, and excellent achievements. It was stated to represent powerful providential powers, specifically the control of rains, floods, and hurricanes. With a Chinese dragon ring on your fingers, luck will smile on you.

The dragon is still a popular symbol representing bravery, heroism, daring, confidence, power, excellence, perseverance, nobility, vigor and happiness. It brings wellness and physical and spiritual strength. It is connected to the spring season and represents auspices and clean slates. Together with the phoenix, the dragon represents the perfect balance. ☯ Often an engraving is inscribed inside the dragon ring, providing the holder useful residential or commercial properties.

The dragon is a sign of Yang and the phoenix of Yin and their union is an agent of luck, success, love, and knowledge. Chinese dragons are typically depicted with a pearl under the chin. It is generally said that the pearl signifies wealth, prosperity and excellent fortune, while some mystics think it represents wisdom, knowledge, and reality. While most other cultures consider the dragon just as an important part of their folklore, the dragon sign is still deeply rooted in Chinese culture. It is a revered figure that continues to be related to excellence, success and wealth. Some dragon rings contain a rather outstanding and meaningful cultural history.

Gold Dragon Ring

The gold dragon ring is really stylish, its golden ornament reflects pure beauty. Yellow in color, a lot of our dragon rings are gold-plated. In standard oriental precious jewelry, gold is frequently used as a symbol of nobility and high rank. Mixed with the shape of the dragon, a gold ring reaches its peak. You will typically discover precious metal jewelry with a part of the dragon's body, such as a:

  • Dragon head ring
  • Dragon eye-ring
  • Dragon claw ring
  • Dragon Armor Ring
  • Dragon Scale Ring
  • Dragon egg ring

Gold is available in numerous forms of precious jewelry, such as earrings, pendants, necklaces or anklets, yet it has actually never ever lost its worth with time. Its quality is really considerable. However, gold, in its pure nature, is malleable and can be quickly deformed, specifically when force is used against it. Nevertheless, with gold-plated solutions, these downsides are corrected and you have access to more cost-effective gold precious jewelry.

Silver Dragon Ring

The silver dragon ring is more fragile and less obvious than gold, however, it is just as aesthetic, often even more appealing. The 925 sterling silver is valuable and desired, the silver-tone is contemporary and matches nearly any design of clothes. You will find sophisticated silver dragon rings with polished metal, as soon as again signifying well-being and success.

Stainless-steel Dragon Ring

A stainless steel jewel with a distinct capability to withstand staining and deterioration, these steel rings also have other benefits, such as:

  • Resistance to low and high temperatures
  • It's sanitary residential or commercial properties
  • Its life process
  • Its aesthetics
  • Its strength

Often set with zirconium or embellished with cubic zirconia stones, a stainless steel dragon ring understands how to please and convince. Our broad choice consists of ladies' rings and men's rings in 316L stainless steel. This product is a lot more resistant and keeps an excellent look.

Zirconium Dragon Ring

The zirconium stone is the keystone of the dragon ring, it provides a brand-new and various seek to the jewel. Much more affordable than diamond, cubic zirconia is a semi-precious stone that adorns our dragon rings. Its prestige and beauty are really similar to the colorless gem that is the rough diamond.πŸ’Ž As for its shades of color, zircon has nothing to envy to other gems, its tones are really appealing. The zircon stone being easily dealt with, its designs have the benefit of being multiple and original. It is easy to encrust in alloy, steel or silver, and zirconium rings are more resilient and resistant than those made from other products or minerals.

Dragon Knight

The history of the signet ring is interesting, it is one of the most essential precious jewelry developments of perpetuity. The signet ring is a design of a ring that has a flat face in relief on a ring. Normally, an image or icon is inscribed on top, intended to symbolize something unforgettable, such as a person's initials, a family crest, a coat of arms or a substantial sign. Heraldry has its origins in part in the symbols, military and nationwide insignia utilized in ancient Egypt, Rome, and England. These individual seals on signet rings and signet bearers were found in ancient Mesopotamian society. In our collection of dragon redhorses, you will discover a stunning range, such as the:

  • Silver Dragon Knight Male
  • Dragon Knight Man
  • Dragon Head Knight
  • Classic signet ring

Their aesthetic appeal reveals a big quantity of information. The dragon redhorse represents a link to an ancient past and a sign of pride in a family heritage that sustains. Present in numerous cultures, their charming forms make them true mini works of art. For countless years, individuals have actually utilized the signs on signet rings to express and communicate the things that suggest the most to them, developing bonds of identification, love, relationship, association, pledge, and rebellion. Dragon redhorses all act as personal statements and are frequently striking and surprising.

A Dragon Ring to rule them all.

The dragon ring is a classic fashion device whose pattern is not likely to fade thanks to popular culture. Series, movies, books and video games about dragons are coming quickly. A dragon gem adjusted to all tastes, cyclist, Celtic, dream, gothic, punk, steampunk, rock, ethnic ... Know that you can make jewelry associations, a dragon ring will go really well with a dragon pendant for a flaming homogeneous look. It's up to you to select your uncommon pearl among our dragon rings, the one adjusted to your design! πŸ‰